Empire of the Sun

Corrected entry: Jim doesn't age during the movie. He was in the prison camp for about three and a half years. When we first see him he looks about 12. By the end of the movie he should be a gangly teenager but he hasn't aged a day.

Correction: While this is true, some license should be allowed given the awkward age range involved. Twelve to sixteen isn't really a big enough change to warrant a second, older actor, especially since many sixteen-year-olds don't look particularly adult. And there's not much you can do with makeup in that age range either. (It's not like he ages from five to fifteen, or twenty to fifty.) This is just a case of suspending your disbelief. Or, poor treatment in a prison camp could stunt his growth and/or delay onset of puberty.


Corrected entry: Jamie is captured and put in a prison camp in early 1942, yet he has no problem recognizing and knowing the name of the P-51 Mustang plane, which was only even introduced into USAF later that year, and didn't arrive in China until 1943-44.

Correction: The Mustang entered service with the RAF in 1941. It was originally produced for the RAF, not the USAAF, to an Air Ministry order in 1940. The USAF didn't become the USAF until 1947. Throughout WW2 it was the USAAF, a branch of the US Army.

Revealing mistake: When Jim is riding the bicycle through the empty hospital, the "Frigidaires" begin falling through the roof. One bursts open, dropping its contents onto the floor. Something from inside must have landed on the camera because you can see it jerk suddenly.

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Jim: I can't remember what my parents look like.

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Trivia: When Jim returns home after losing his parents, his nanny slaps him. The actors had practiced a fake slap and fake reaction, but Spielberg and the actress playing the nanny conspired to make the slap real when the cameras were rolling, so Christian Bale's reaction would be genuine. Therefore, Bale is really being slapped, and his shocked reaction is no act.


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Question: Can anyone who speaks Japanese tell me what Jim says to the guard who's beating up the doctor? He says a few lines, then bows. The guard seems embarrassed and walks away.


Chosen answer: The first time, Jim says "Nanika no machigai desu. Bokutachi wa minna tomodachi desu yone. Senso no sei desu." This roughly translates to "There has been some sort of mistake. We are all friends aren't we? It is the war's fault." The second time, Jim only says "Nanika no machigai desu. Bokutachi wa minna..." and then gets pushed aside. "There has been a mistake, we are all...". I hope that helps.

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