Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

Audio problem: Dr. Marvin watches the magnetic interference unit take down an alien spaceship and says, "┬ůsaucer hit and down in the Potomac". If you look closely his lips do not match what we hear. (00:13:10)


Audio problem: As the aliens announce their intentions to the people of earth Dr. Marvin walks up to a television set in the back of the lab and turns it on. We hear the over-dub of the aliens speaking through the television set but it's obvious that the unit never comes on. (01:04:55)


Audio problem: An alien craft is spotted flying around inside of the Belmont lab above their heads and Maj. Huglin picks up and throws a wrench at it. We see the wrench hit the support girder near the ceiling but the sound is a second late. (00:50:20)


Audio problem: After Prof. Kanter is incinerated by the alien's beam, Maj. Huglin points his shotgun at the alien and fires. If you look closely he pulls the trigger the first time and the gun misfires and you can see the recoil but not hear anything. (00:55:45)


Visible crew/equipment: The general gets a phone call just as Carol gets ready to leave his office at the Pentagon and he tells her, "You better get down to the shelter". As he says this the camera zooms in and it's shadow can be seen on his desk. (01:12:00)


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Dr. Russell Marvin: Both Carol and I are subject to the same atmospheric disturbances that may have affected other observers, but there is a qualitative difference, when you're a scientist.

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