Stark Raving Mad

Factual error: When Ben is filling in for the seizure guy, he puts 4 explosives on the ground and blows the floor out. The floor has a laser detection alarm which means the whole floor would be covered, which means he wouldn't be able to blow the floor because the alarm would go off. He also wouldn't be able to go down the hole because of the lasers.

Factual error: The way the statue is handled in the movie is unrealistic. They say in the movie that the statue is thousands of years old and has to be kept at 60 degrees to stop the decomposition from getting worse. If it was as old as they say it is, the way the handle it, without gloves or any special protection, it would crumble in their hands. You can't handle a 3000 or more year old statue that small and expect it not to break.

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