Unforgettable (1996)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where they are interrogating Ray Liotta after his wife was murdered, they say that his blood alcohol level was "2.5". This would mean that 250% of his blood was alcohol. I think they meant .25.

Correction: As they do not give a unit of measure, this can be interpreted in many ways. The most logical (and most common way to express alcohol level in blood) is that the number expresses the level of alcohol in promille (1/1000) per liter of blood. 2.5 promille means that he'd be fairly drunk and disorientated, though probably not unconscious. There is also a flaw in the submitter's math here. If 2.5 = 250%, then 0.25 would be 25 %, which would mean that Liotta's character would have approximately 1.5 litres of pure ethanol floating through his veins (and 50 times what is considered a fatal dose, 5 promille)...


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