The China Syndrome

Revealing mistake: When Godell is trying to get away from the company's goons, he races to the nuclear plant gate where he'd be safe. As he pulls up to the gate, you can already see the 'donut' skid marks left in the driveway from the goons' car when it turns around. But the car turns around AFTER Godell pulls up to the gate, so the donut must be from a previous take.


Factual error: After the turbine trip, Godell says that the reactor water level was "almost up to the steam lines." The fictional Ventana nuclear plant is described as being a pressurized reactor plant and could not possibly have such a problem.

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Churchill, Mac: Richard, I want that goddamn film.
Richard Adams: You can kiss my ass.

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Trivia: The film was released on March 16, 1979. Coincidentally, the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island occurred fewer than two weeks later.

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