The Postman Always Rings Twice

Continuity mistake: When Frank, the DA and the policeman are discussing the accident, the policeman notices the electrocuted cat and it is shown next to the ladder. In the subsequent wide shot the cat is lying between the beams of the ladder. (00:42:50 - 00:43:35)


Revealing mistake: When John Garfield is trying to stop Lana Turner from calling the District Attorney, Garfield holds the receiver up in the air off the hook. Then the phone rings. But a phone cannot ring when it is off the hook.

Continuity mistake: When Nick arrives home, drunk, from L.A. the package he is carrying is fully wrapped in paper and he is not smoking. When he comes in the front door, the package is half unwrapped with the towels hanging out and he has a cigarette in his mouth. (00:26:00)


Continuity mistake: Nick Smith comes back from a trip and almost gets hit by a truck pulling 2 trailers. He gets out of the parked car and is stumbling into the restaurant. The next shot, Nick comes through the door with a broken cigarette suddenly hanging out of his mouth. It wasn't in his mouth or his hands before. (00:26:00 - 00:27:00)

Revealing mistake: When Cora's lawyer comes to the diner to tell her that townspeople are talking about Frank and her living together, Frank is holding a serving tray with glasses on it. The tray is tilted at an impossible angle yet the glasses still stay on the tray.

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