Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
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The King: One day you are your father's property. One day you are your husband's property. It must be difficult.

King: You must hate me.
Tara: I don't love you enough to hate you.

Teacher of the Kama Sutra: Some things don't make sense immediately.

Tara: If you are not properly attired, you will not exhilarate my husband.
Maya: Exhilaration is my department.

Maya: Knowing love, I can allow all things to come and go, to be as supple as the wind and to face all things with great courage.My heart is a open as the sky.

Continuity mistake: Upset with her husband's growing obsession with his mistress Maya, Tara the Queen attempts to commit suicide by slicing her wrists while bathing. She makes deep cuts in both wrists. Maya rescues Tara the Queen when she enters the Queen's chambers. Two scenes later, Tara the Queen attends the execution of Maya's lover. Magically, Tara's arms are unbandaged and unscarred. The execution took place only days after her attempted suicide.

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