Trapped in Paradise
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Shaddus Peyser: What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?

Bill Firpo: In the Firpo family, the man with half a brain is king.

Ma Firpo: You guys are dumber than a box of hair.

Bill Firpo: I've got a feeling you're not telling me something.
Dave Firpo: Well this feeling you're getting is paranoia.
Alvin Firpo: Hey, let's just go.

Ed Dawson: Will you stop hovering over like bad news?
Clovis Minor: What do you want me to do?
Ed Dawson: Bag this stuff.
Clovis Minor: All of it?
Ed Dawson: No. Just what you haven't become emotionally attached to.

Caesar Spinoza: Hey Edna, how would you like to ride in the trunk?
Ma Firpo: Edna? Edna? Are we sleeping together, I think not.

Hattie Anderson: Do you really want to do this?
Bill Firpo: Do what?
Hattie Anderson: You know rob the bank.
Dave Firpo: Absolutely! We have thought this over and we've made a decision.
Hattie Anderson: But on Christmas Eve, it just doesn't seem right. You're going to ruin the winter fest.
Bill Firpo: The winter fest? I've got a gun and your talking about the winter fest. Well who are you?

Continuity mistake: While Bill waits for his brothers in the car, he looks toward the store and watches his brothers inside. The first shot of Bill's perspective of looking at the store, there is a reggae black man walking by. Then it switches back to Bill's face, then again at the store and the man walks by the window a second time in the same direction. When Bill gets out of the car and crosses the street the black man walks by a third time.

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Question: When the brothers go into the bank for the first time Bill overhears the manager call Sara by her name. Bill then goes over and says "Sara? Sara Collins?" And she says yes, and later she askes Bill if they know each other. He says they do not, and she walks away. But why didn't she ask him how he knew her last name when no one told it to him at the bank?

Answer: She was busy at work and did not care how or why he knew.

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