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Corrected entry: How does Brother Gilbert, on a plodding mule, manage to keep up with Draco's flying above the forest?

Correction: The dragon isn't flying straight ahead, he's circling around, so where they land wasn't that far away from where they started. Plus, we don't really know how long it was from from they first take off to when Brother Gilbert arrives.


Corrected entry: Bowen hands Kara a nearly complete melon in town, missing only the top. When she smashes it in his face in the next shot, it is down to half.

Correction: We see Bowen smash the melon almost in half and this half of the melon is what Kara shoves into his face.


Corrected entry: In one of the village scenes, Draco picks up Bowen, Kara, Brother Gilbert, and Bowen's horse. In the next scene, they are in Avalon and the horse has mysteriously disappeared.

Correction: A horse would naturally freak out when picked up by a dragon so Draco could have stopped along the way to set down the panicky horse and allow himself to fly easier.

Corrected entry: Bowen finds the partially decomposed remains of Sir Sagramour in Draco's mouth. This is quite impossible, as Sagramour was a Knight of the Round Table and should have been dead for centuries by then.

Correction: It is not Sir Sagramour, but Sir Egglemore. Sir Sagramour was never mentioned in the movie.

Continuity mistake: When Bowen first catches up to Draco under the waterfall, he is completely soaked as he stands there and talks to him. Draco takes off flying and Bowen goes after him on his horse and is now completely dry, hair and all.


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Bowen: You are the last.
Draco: My time is over! Strike.
Bowen: You are my friend.
Draco: Then as my friend, strike, please.

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Trivia: During the duel sequence between Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis, Quaid actually broke a finger and had to spend the final two weeks of production in a plaster cast.

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Question: What is Brock doing with those guys in the banquet hall before Kara tries to kill Einon?

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