The Even Stevens Movie

Continuity mistake: When Tawny reaches shore you can see the raft near the coastline about to be pulled out to sea, but when she appears under the palm tree the raft is safely on shore.

Factual error: While the Stevens family were on the plane they could see the island from the window and it was a small and "green" piece of land. However during the movie there is a scene meant to be taken at the same island which shows the recording studio, personnel and extras of the Family Fakeout reality show and you can see that it is in a wide and open space. This place couldn't be seen by the family when they were on the plane.

Audio problem: Near the very end, when Ren pushes Louis over the edge of the cliff, the very noisy helicopter can't be heard until it is seen coming into view.

Continuity mistake: When the Stevens family are travelling to Mandelino Island, their plane between shots. The colors on its tail change constantly.

Continuity mistake: Around the beginning, when Louis is talking to Twitty and Tawny and the other guy on his chair, you can see that he has a soda can on the chair. The straw keeps on appearing and disappearing between shots.


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