Santa Claus

Santa Claus (1985)

Ending / spoiler

Santa saves the homelss boy and Dudley Moore when their flying car explodes. John Lithgow eats the flying candy cane and floats up into space to his doom. The rich girl and the homeless kid go to the North Pole and stay with Santa.Patch finally realises that he's important to Santa. John Lithgow tries to excape and eats too much candy and ends up in outer space - greed is NOT good! The homeless boy lives with Santa, but the little girl only comes to visit.

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Anya: [reading letter.] I am sure he hurts the poor little kitten and when I cry, he just laughs at me. Yours sincerely, Miss Sarah Foster. You were quite right to bring this to our attention Dooley. That little boy must not get a present.
Santa Claus: No present for him? Every child should get a present.
Anya: It's time to change the rules.
Santa Claus: You'll have folks saying that Santa Claus only rewards the good little boys and girls.
Anya: Isn't that as it should be?
Santa Claus: Alright. Dooley, make up a list of who is naughty and nice.
Dooley: Yes, sir.
Santa Claus: And be careful. I'll be checking it twice.