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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, when Lance is performing at the Apollo, the two guys from Heaven are sitting in the audience. How is it that the club is sold out apart from those two seats? The men are invisible to everyone, so how come no-one sat there?

Correction: This isn't a mistake, especially given the plot of the movie and what we've been told. First, we know Lance can take "possession" of Wellington and second, King told Lance "he's a fricken' angel and can do whatever he wants". There's no reason to think King and Keyes couldn't take possession of two audience members. And the fact we see King and Keyes is nothing different than seeing Lance when others only see Wellington.

Corrected entry: When Lance Barton visits Sonte Jenkins at her house for the first time, King (the guy from heaven) shows up to tell Lance that he has found a new body for him. At one point during this scene they show the conversation through the butler's eyes. Through his eyes they show Lance talking to himself (actually talking to King) but if the butler was looking at anybody talking to himself it should have been the character of Charles Wellington talking to himself and not the character of Lance Barton - nobody can see Lance Barton, as he is dead.

Correction: A similar "mistake" has been submitted and corrected. It's just the audience who sees Barton talking to himself, not Cisco (the butler), just like it's the audience who hears Barton's voice on the answering machine. It's just a filming choice, like when he was doing stand-up and it switched between Barton and Wellington.


Corrected entry: The angel tells Lance Burton that he will see himself, but to everyone else he will look and sound like Wellington. However, when Wellington leaves messages on Sonte's answering machine, the voice is clearly Burton's and not Wellington's.

Correction: The viewers hear and see him as himself but to her he sounds like Wellingtons.

Corrected entry: When Keys is disguised in the background waiting for the accident to happen - wait! If he didn't know that Lance would die (hence the surprise and fact that he wasn't due yet) what was he doing there beforehand?

Correction: Keys is there because he believes that it is Lance's time to die. The surprise comes in when they find out that Lance is supposed to live through the crash, and that they brought him to heaven too soon.

Continuity mistake: In the scene just before Lance Barton gets crushed by a bus, they show the character of Keys, waiting nearby disguised as a homeless man, waiting for the accident to happen. However, there was no reason for him to disguise himself in the first place as nobody on earth could see him anyway. In all the other scenes, just before somebody dies, he wears the same clothes (his heavenly uniform.)

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Lance Barton: I got roaches. Who here got roaches?
Man in Audience: Everybody got roaches, man. It's Harlem.


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