Grand Theft Parsons
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Phil Kaufman: What the hell are you doing?
Larry Oster-Berg: The steering lock is on.
Phil Kaufman: Well, turn it off.
Larry Oster-Berg: I can't. He's got the key.
Phil Kaufman: So we can escape, but we can only drive in a circle.
Larry Oster-Berg: Yes.

Uniform Cop: Wherever there's a hippie, there's a crime, even if that crime hasn't happened yet. That's what I always say.

Uniform Cop: You missed a gap 50 yards wide and hit a wall... in broad daylight.

Continuity mistake: In the last 30 minutes of the movie, Christina Applegate's character appears to be wearing a black rope necklace tied in the front with the ends draping down the front of her chest. When they arrive at the motel, the necklace changes to a black scarf. In the closeup you can see the sheer material has changed, with the ends of the scarf no longer visible. After she is locked in the bathroom, and escapes, the rope is back, tied in the front. When she gets in a car and is pulled over by the cop, the scarf is back.


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Trivia: The man in handcuffs being taken from the police station at the end is the real life Phil Kauffman.

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