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Susan Hendler: An "old girlfriend " that's about as exclusive as the White Pages.

Mark Lewyn: Tommy, you've seen more ass than a rental car, my friend.

Susan Hendler: Of course everyone knows! I'm so old fashioned, I greet my employees with a handshake.

Susan Hendler: Did you have sex with her?
Tom Sanders: No! No! No.
Susan Hendler: How did her hand get into your pants?

Meredith Johnson: Let's get down to business.

Stephanie Kaplan: Give a man a hundred million dollars and you make a frustrated billionaire.

Bob Garvin: The Chinese say, "May you live in interesting times." Well this has been the most interesting merger since my second marriage.

Tom Sanders: Sexual harrassment is about power. When did I have the power? When?

Tom Sanders: Why don't I just admit it? Admit that I'm that evil white guy everyone is always complaining about? Hey Chau-Minh, come down here so I can execise my patriarchal urge.

Philip Blackburn: I offered him a move to Austin.
Bob Garvin: To Austin. That's like a duck making a lateral move to "a Lorange. "

Meredith Johnson: Hello? Tom that's something you say when you're greeting a rash.

Susan Hendler: Ms. Alvarez, forty-eight hours ago my husband's penis was in another woman's mouth. I don't think there's anything in the law that can help me with that.

Tom Sanders: You wanna get fucked? Huh? Is that what you want?

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