Owning Mahowny

Continuity mistake: At the hotel he is staying at with Belinda, there is a side shot of Mahowny walking down an escalator. Going up are 2 men. There is then a shot from the bottom of the escalator and the 2 men have been replaced by 2 different men and a woman.



Continuity mistake: When Mahowny is asking Doug for his money back, the slotmachine next to the one that Doug is playing on has different lights lit and flashing depending on the shot.



Factual error: Mahony gets Can$15,000 from the bank he works in in Canada and flies to Atlantic City (US) where the cashier gives him US$15,000 of chips. US and Canadian dollars are not equivalent and, at the end of 1981, the cashier should be giving him less than US$13,000. Since he is broke, he couldn't have made up the difference himself.

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Continuity mistake: While losing the remainder of his money at blackjack, the regular views of Mahowny show him with his right arm resting on the arm of his chair but the shots of him through the casino's security cameras show him with his hands clasped in his lap.



Continuity mistake: The Toronto cop asks someone on the phone to get the flight plan for the casino's private jet, and gives an aircraft registration. In the very next shot we see Mahowny getting out of the plane in Atlantic City, and the registration number on its engine cowl is completely different.

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Continuity mistake: While Mahowny is talking in bed with Belinda, saying they should get away for the weekend, the top bedcover is folded back. In the next wide shot of the room it is not.



Factual error: Early on Mahoney is sitting in his car in the garage of Toronto Terminal 1. The time frame is 1980. There's a view of planes on taxiway and runway, it shows Canadair regional jets and Airbus A320's. Two planes that had not been invented in 1980. Not a big deal, but not historically correct.



Factual error: When Atlantic City Casino sends a plane for Dan, it has a C registration (Canada) and not N (USA). Silly error but Atlantic Casino would definitely have an N reg.



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