Virus (1999)

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Corrected entry: At the end the last two survivors are rescued by a helicopter launched from a US Navy vessel. The helicopter is a UHC-1 'Huey', which is totally unsuitable for naval operations. In fact, the Navy doesn't even own any, nor does the Coast Guard. Amongst other things, they are not sealed water tight, do not float, and their rotor blades are too long for carrier-based operations.

Correction: The US Navy, Marines and Coast Guard all extensively use Hueys. See, amongst others.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the gang first encounter the Russian vessel, Jamie reads from a naval archive that the Russian ship has no weapons. Yet, further into the movie, we see a missile room full of tactical missiles.

Correction: The missiles are for launching sensors into the upper atmosphere. All the other weapons, such as grenades, rifles, machine guns, etc, are considered small arms, and would not be listed. Only weapons such as torpedoes, naval guns, etc would be listed among the ships stats.

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Revealing mistake: When Jamie Lee Curtis falls into the fuel tanks, how could she be breathing? The gases would be too toxic for her to breath, and wouldn't she be blinded by the fuel?

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Goliath Machine: You are virus.

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