Virus (1999)

5 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: When Jamie Lee Curtis falls into the fuel tanks, how could she be breathing? The gases would be too toxic for her to breath, and wouldn't she be blinded by the fuel?

Continuity mistake: At the end when they "fly" out the ship you can see there are still high waves from the storm, but in the long shot of the ship exploding, the surrounding sea is a lot calmer.


Other mistake: When Woods gets shot by the nails fired by the small robot, the amount of blood in his sweater keeps changing during the following scenes.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the machine shop, when Cpt. Everton sees for the first time the headless body, the tattoo star in the robot's chest is in the left side. Afterwards, it changes to the right side.

Revealing mistake: Near the end when you can see the full view of the ship exploding you can see the waves roll on a beach near the bottom of the screen, they are supposed to be on open sea.

Goliath Machine: You are virus.

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