The Other Sister

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9.6/10. I loved this movie. Possibly one of the best forgotten ones of the 90's, everybody should watch it. Juliette Lewis was great, should've won the Golden Globe, Diane Keaton in her only other good movie besides the two Godfathers. I thought it spoke volumes about people with any affliction from retardation to wheelchair bound to even being OCD, like I am. Sad it underperformed because it's beautiful and well directed by Garry Marshall who also directed the great 80's comedy Overboard. Give this movie a chance folks, it deserves it. It's beautiful.


Continuity mistake: On Carla's birthday some huge boxes are piled up on the garden table with a big yellow box on top. After Carla leaves in a huff her mother rearranges them and a reddish box is now on top, but in the last shot of the scene the boxes are positioned again like at the beginning. (00:31:40)


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Daniel McMann: Look at the buses, watch 'em.
Carla Tate: Why, what are they gonna do?
Daniel McMann: They pull in, and then they pull out, and they turn, and they back up.

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