Intolerable Cruelty

Corrected entry: When Marilyn is talking poolside with her friend Sarah, the "ice" in their drinks is on the bottom of their glasses, not floating.

Correction: You can do this if there is enough ice and the glass is cold enough. For example, I generally like to chill my glass so I put the ice in a glass and put the glass in the freezer. A few minutes later when I put my drink in the glass the ice will remain almost stuck to the bottom and takes quite a while to float back to the surface.

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Corrected entry: Marilyn set out to deceive Miles. Given the complexity of her fraud and the number of people involved he would have had little difficulty demonstrating to a court that her intent was to defraud him and thus invalidate the marriage.

Correction: Proving that she was out to get him, he would need evidence that she set him up. Most of the evidence would have been testimony with the other people she involved and I don't think Miles would have been able to convince them to testify on his behalf. In any case Miles may just not have thought about this plan of attack. Miles was pretty rash after the quick separation and tried to have her killed before trying anything else.

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Corrected entry: As Marilyn and Miles return to their honeymoon suite, Marilyn stops as if something is wrong. She pulls out the pre-nup and tears it up. Later, Wrigley and Miles sit in the bar and realize that Howard is an actor, and so Marilyn is not richer than Miles. Miles then realizes that he doesn't have a pre-nup. The problem is, Marilyn would not be able to destroy the protections a pre-nup would provide Miles simply by tearing it up. (01:09:55 - 01:18:00)

Correction: Miles probably had the pre-nup 'cancelled' (He'd know how) because Marilyn had, in his eyes, been the consenting party, so he'd think she did him a favour. The movie didn't have to show him doing the technical stuff needed to cancel it. The tearing up of the pre-nup was just the gesture for the audience's sake.

Corrected entry: Marilyn would not be entitled to a settlement of Massey's estate after just one night of marriage, the marriage could have easily been annulled.

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Correction: California requires grounds for annulment, so they would have to prove her intent was fraud, which is not so easy.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie it shows a bill board welcoming the convention at which George Clooney is the keynote speaker (N.A.M.E.N.?). The event doesn't occur until 5 weeks later.

Correction: The convention towards the end of the movie isn't the one being 'welcomed' on the billboard at the beginning. Several months pass between the beginning of the film and the convention in Vegas, and it's also mentioned that Clooney spoke at the convention 'last year.' So it's two different conventions.

Corrected entry: During Marylin and Massey's wedding, Marylin is holding a bouquet of flowers. In the front view, she is holding them low by her waist. From behind she is holding them higher, by her chest.


Correction: I didn't notice any difference. If there's one it's way to small to account for a mistake.


Corrected entry: This is just an out-and-out wardrobe mistake by someone who didn't do their homework. Howard Doyle says he was a Texas A&M Aggie. But I or any other Aggie can point out something that's missing on his right ring finger - The Aggie Ring. Any Aggie, especially one from the football team, would likely wear that ring for the rest of their lives. I've seen some rings that have been worn smooth by former students.

Correction: Later in the movie Howard Doyle turns out to be a fake, that's why he doesn't have an Aggie Ring.


Corrected entry: In the meeting scene, where Marylin and Massey first meet, Massey gets a shock and spits out the water he was drinking over the table. The shot changes a few times and when Marylin leaves the table is dry.

Correction: The water actually just goes on his notebook which does blur the ink. It doesn't hit the table.


Corrected entry: If Billy Bob Thornton was a poor actor all along and not the rich oil man he was supposed to be, where did Catherine Zeta Jones get all the money to set up the very extravagent wedding they had?

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Correction: Don't forget Jones's rich girlfriend, she could've been in on the plot and financed the wedding.

Continuity mistake: After Miles makes his keynote speech, he goes down the aisle and eventually Wrigley embraces him. W. is holding a program in his hand while hugging Miles. At first it is rolled up, then it is folded over, then it is rolled up again. At no time did he change it.

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Freddy Bender: Objection, Your Honor! Strangling the witness.
Judge Marva Munson: I'm going to allow it.

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Trivia: Before marrying "Doyle", Marilyn says she wants to erase every suspicion from his mind, a reference to the Elvis song "Suspicious Minds" that is used during the title sequence.

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