The Dead Zone

Continuity mistake: Henrietta Dodd shoots Johnny holding the gun in her right hand. Sheriff Bannermann emerges from the bathroom and shoots Henrietta. The film switches to slow motion as she is shot and stretches both of her arms out to the sides as she falls. When she lands, her left hand is resting next to the railing of the stairs and is covered in blood. At no time did her hand come in contact with her wound or get any blood splattered onto it.

BocaDavie Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Dodd's mother falls on the landing after being shot, the blood stain on the front of her green sweater disappears. (00:55:20)

Jean G

Continuity mistake: When John tells Dr. Weizak about the dead zone, some of the items on the table change positions, and disappear/reappear between shots. (01:27:45)

Jean G

Continuity mistake: When Stillson is walking up to the stage for the final rally, Sarah is behind him holding her baby. The baby switches from left shoulder to right shoulder repeatedly.

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