The Dead Zone

Johnny Smith was just a regular young teacher in love. His girlfriend gets sick while he's on a date with her and he takes her home early. He offers to stay with her,but she declines. On his way back,Johnny gets in a wreck and is in a 4 year coma. When he awakens,he now has the power to see the future. He also has the ability to see a certain event in the past if he is at the location that it happened. He finds out a local politician running for president would be a disaster if elected and Johnny must stop it somehow.

Kevin Trice

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Henrietta Dodd shoots Johnny holding the gun in her right hand. Sheriff Bannermann emerges from the bathroom and shoots Henrietta. The film switches to slow motion as she is shot and stretches both of her arms out to the sides as she falls. When she lands, her left hand is resting next to the railing of the stairs and is covered in blood. At no time did her hand come in contact with her wound or get any blood splattered onto it.



The last assignment Christopher Walken gives his students before his accident is to read about the headless demon in the story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Years later he played the Headless Horseman in the movie "Sleepy Hollow."