Secondhand Lions

Walter's mother lets him stay with his uncles. Years later when Walter is a grown man, Hub and Garth die flying the plane into their barn. They leave a will saying "the kid gets it all, plant us in the damn garden with the stupid lion". After Walter reads the will, the grandson of the sheik Hub did not kill earlier comes to see the site of the legends his grandfather always talked about.


Continuity mistake: When Hub and Walter are talking by the lake, Hub's, and later Walter's, blanket repositions itself each time the camera cuts back. (01:08:45)

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Garth: Hey! You, in the crate! Get your lion butt outta there.

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Trivia: The doctor who tells the family Hub checked himself out of the hospital is Eugene Osment, Haley Joel Osment's father.

T Poston
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