Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Corrected entry: Where does Ace go after Joker electrocutes him? Batman jumps the Joker, and Ace just disappears until Batman carries Tim out of the building. In that time period you don't even see the pup in the background.

Correction: The scene is mainly focused on Batman and the Joker (Tim). Ace is definitely around, but not shown. He'd probably gaining his strenght/resting.

Corrected entry: Joker states that he inhabits Drake's body via a device with his DNA. However, Joker's appearance (green hair, white skin, etc.) was caused by a chemical accident. This would not have been imprinted into his DNA.

Correction: The Joker could have modified his DNA on the chip so that his "trademark" appearance would be carried over to Drake.

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You might be wondering where Terry suddenly comes up with Jolly Jack all of the sudden after escaping the lab. In the commentary, they say that the Joker, in his transmission to Terry in the lab, was supposed to be eating out of a candy jar with "Jolly Jack" on it, but couldn't have it due to time constraints.



The candy factory name, Jolly Jack, is a tribute to "Jolly" Jack Kirby, a legendary comic book artist and writer.