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Revealing mistake: In the scene where May showcases her doll, Soozy, to the blind children at the day care and they subsequently knock the doll case out of May's hands (obviously shattering the glass everywhere), take a close look at the first little girl to fall into the glass on the floor. You'll notice that there is blood all over her knees before she even falls on the ground.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where May is visiting Polly's house after she overhears Adam's true feelings, she is playing with the pack of cigarettes that Adam gave her. There is a symbol of a camel located right below the filter of the cigarette, meaning that the cigarettes are Camels. Yet the brand is a generic one.

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Revealing mistake: May's zombie is breathing before it is brought to life by her, when she puts the cigarette packet in its pocket you can see it's chest rise and it's neck pulsate.





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