Factual error: As the bus crashes, the destinations spewed out from the destination panel are towns from Devon (England). These include: Newton Abbot, Paignton zoo and Torquay. (00:25:10)

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Mr. Henderson: ...I will TCB, as they say in the States. I will "take care of business."

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Question: What were the characters pouring into their drinks, and what were they pouring it into. I'm American, so I've never heard the term "brown sauce" before. I couldn't tell if it was chocolate syrup or like a steak sauce, or if they were putting it in their tea or coffee.

Answer: There is a condiment used in the UK that is actually called "Brown Sauce" It is used by many instead of Ketchup. It is slightly spicy and very nice on a bacon sandwich. They put it in their coffee for some reason.

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