Intermission (2003)

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Corrected entry: The public bus service in Dublin is called Dublin Bus. However, none of the buses in the film are Dublin Bus buses (obviously, they probably thought showing a Dublin Bus crash would damage the reputation). (Having said that, the vehicle that passes Mr. Henderson right at the end IS a Dublin Bus bus).


Correction: This isn't exactly true. While the main bus service in Dublin is called Dublin Bus, there are several private operators working the various routes since the public transport system was deregulated. So the bus used in the film could very well have been one of those.

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When Colm Meaney and Colin Farrell have the shoot-out right at the end, the material filmed changes between then and when the director is viewing it at the end. First, Farrell shoots Meaney, then the camera goes to white and two more gun-shots go off. Then, when he is watching it later, Farrell pulls the gun from his pocket and the director shoots him straight away. Then when he rewinds it, it shows Colin Farrell pull his gun, the camera man look to the bonnett of the car where the gun is, then bring it up and shoot him.



Colin Farrell recorded a version of The Clash's "I Fought the Law..." for the film.