My Boss's Daughter

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, on the subway, a male character refers to Lisa Taylor as "Tara," referring to actress Tara Reid. He states to Tom Stansfield: "Tara doesn't even know you work for the company."

Correction: During this scene the "male character" (Paul) says "Taylor" not "Tara". He is referring here to Jack Taylor, Tom's boss or Lisa Taylor, Tom's love interest.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the girl that had the accident goes to the house, she places her head, that's full of blood on the glass door and she leaves a big blood stain. However,when Tom tells her she should sit in the red chair, and later on, there is no blood on the door.

Correction: The reason their was no blood on the door is because at the end of the movie, they had been cleaning up the house.

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Jack Taylor: What's this I hear about you threatening to spray this play with an AK-47?
Tom Stansfield: Oh... well, I was just making a joke.
Jack Taylor: Oh that's funny to you? People dying? And what's this I hear about you making fun of midgets?
Tom Stansfield: I never make fun of midgets.
Jack Taylor: You said, it would be fun to date one because then you could rest your beer on their head, now I have a sense of humour, but that's just sick.



In the scene were Hans tries to hang himself, you can see that the chandelier falls down but in the next scene when O.J the owl flies underneath it, it is still there.