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Corrected entry: In the part where the older mother is getting ready for her suicide by dressing up and putting on makeup she is wearing a one shouldered dress. In one cut the right shoulder is bare, and on the next her left one is bare. Or vice versa. Either way the dress is worn two different ways.

Correction: If you look at the first shot of the mother in the dress she is putting on makeup and it looks like she is looking in a mirror to do this. So the shot we see of her could be her reflection. Therefore in the next shot of her the dress seems to be the other way round even though it isn't.


Corrected entry: In one of his speeches, the President says that once the smaller comet hits the ocean, it will take the tidal wave about 45 minutes to reach the shore. But when Jenny and her father is standing on the beach, it only takes about half a minute from the time when the comet hits the water to the time where the wave reaches the beach.

Correction: The 45 minutes just isn't shown. The movie would've been incredibly boring if you had to wait through 45 minutes of water moving through open ocean.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the comet hits the ocean, there is a massive traffic jam just 5 miles from the beach. Since everyone has known about the comet for over a year, wouldn't they have headed away from the ocean a few days/weeks/months earlier?

Correction: There was only reason to move away from the ocean after the President announced, quite close to impact time, that the smaller portion of the comet would cause tidal waves. Before, with the comet as a whole, it wouldn't have mattered how close you were to the coast.


Corrected entry: Sara's dad put the key for the motorcycle in the jar 3rd to the right. When Leo "steals" the motorcycle he finds the key in the jar 4th to the right.

Correction: Perhaps the last jar was cut out of the video version, but in the widescreen version you can see him put it in the 4th jar.

Jason Sieberg

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when Tea Leoni's character and someone are standing on the beach, waiting for the tidal wave to come, the tidal wave seems to make a miraculous stop, right before the beach, where as in reality, tidal waves go so fast, that once you've seen it, it has already hit.

Correction: Just as regular wind waves do, tsunami slow down in shallow water while also gaining height (just as Morgan Freeman explains).


Corrected entry: When the Messiah mission withdraws from the Comet to remote-detonate its nukes, the implication is that the nukes must be let off NOW to have any chance of success, and the Messiah is thus caught in the blast and damaged, conveniently putting it out of communication with Earth for the duration of its journey home. They are months away from impact and there would be time to fire up the main drive and make the return burn before detonating the nukes, thus putting a safe distance between themselves and the blast. The only argument against this is that if the attempt failed they might go back to the comet with the remaining nukes for a second try - this is never suggested, so why not get out of there?

Correction: Actually, the reason they have to leave the comet is because of a very low fuel tank. They only had enough to get to the comet, land, get off and get back. If they were to land on it a second time they wouldn't had enough fuel to return home, and most of us would remember the scene where they decide to sacrifice themselves? They didn't plan a second launch until the suicide launch.


Corrected entry: When the President is making his speech at the press conference he says that the as comet had been seen by a Young Explorer's Astronomy Club on a mountaintop in Arizona. Then when everybody's escaping from the coastal areas and it shows Leo driving down the highway looking for his girlfriend there's a sign for Virginia Beaches. Arizona is a pretty long way to go on a field trip, don't you think?

Correction: The comet was discovered in Richmond, VA at the beginning of the movie.

Correction: One contributor had a field trip to Seattle from Florida once.

Factual error: While the tidal wave is enveloping Manhattan, there is a scene where Washington Square Park is destroyed. A large arch is hit by the wave before reaching the rest of the park. The problem is the arch is on the UPTOWN side of the park, not the DOWNTOWN side which according to the movie was the direction the wave was coming from.

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Jenny Lerner: When I was 11, I stole $32 from your wallet.
Jason Lerner: When you were a baby I once dropped you on your head.

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Trivia: When everyone gets out of their cars in the traffic jam and watches the comet pass overhead, they were really looking at a crew helicopter passing over. In post production, the helicopter was covered up with the comet.

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Question: Referring to Leo and Sarah: What parent would let their young daughter not go to the Ark when given the chance?

Answer: It was Sarah who decided she would not go to the Ark. She chose to stay with her parents.

raywest Premium member

Leo then decided not to go to the ark, either, went back and got Sarah and the baby.

Charles Austin Miller
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