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Revealing mistake: When Barb is in the bubble bath, you can see the strap from a G-string she is wearing.

Revealing mistake: When Barb goes down to meet the Directorates, she flashes Axel and Cora D. You can see the line from a G-string she is wearing to cover up. (00:58:20)

Revealing mistake: When Barb emerges from the bubble bath, she covers the front of herself with a towel, but when she walks past a mirror, a second towel can be seen covering her backside.

Revealing mistake: When the soldier is asking for a dance from Barb, Curly says to Barb "Come on Pam."

Revealing mistake: The woman in Torture Room is seen lying on the table with her wrists and ankles restrained down to it. However, when she's being killed by the electro-shock devices she's wearing, her right arm is briefly seen rising off the table unrestrained.

Revealing mistake: When the bodyguard tries to trap Barb against the wall with the chair, the chair hits the metal pipe running down the wall, to the right, and the metal pipe wobbles.

Revealing mistake: As Barb is going down the rope with the hostage girl in the beginning of the movie, you can tell it's a stunt person as there are no dark roots showing in her hair (a wig?). Before she goes out the window, and again afterwards, she looks like she needs a root touch-up.


Revealing mistake: When Barb throws the grenade it lands on Big Fatso's stomach but if you look carefully just before it explodes you'll notice that the grenade has disappeared.

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When Barb is in the bubble bath, you can see the strap from a G-string she is wearing.



In the scene where Kamil the dog attacks the drunken guy at the crotch, no protection was used in order to make the scene as real as possible, but the dog had been specially trained for weeks beforehand to bite the area, but to not clamp down or force itself down. In the first take of the scene, where Barb Wire makes Kamil sit down, the guy used timed it badly, and forgot to bend down as the dog did. As you can imagine, this was painful.