Barb Wire

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Barb Wire's constant refrain is "Don't call me Babe!" This trademark that she uses was actually taken from the Barb Wire Dark Horse comic book. David Hogan then used this to make Barb Wire's character more darker.

Correction: Amazing. A film based on a comic-book that uses quotes taken directly from that book? Who'd have thought it. Hardly valid trivia, though.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the police chief hands Barb the grenade, there are Directorate soldiers behind them. Surely they would have noticed he didn't cuff her.

Correction: There is a 50% chance that they would see this, but then a 50% chance they would not. Your mistake is saying the Directorate soldiers HAD to have seen this, but they don't really seem to be looking closely as he "cuffs" her.

Hamster Premium member

Continuity mistake: After finding Krebs, Barb handcuffs him, and he always remains cuffed. But after Barb shoots one bodyguard, and he falls out of the window, we see a shot of Krebs looking startled, and his hands are at either side of his legs - he is now uncuffed, although Barb never uncuffed him.

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Barb Wire: Did you wash your hands?
Ruben: No. I was bad.

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