Barb Wire

Continuity mistake: When Barb is with Big Fatso, the Congressionals/Police all drive in, surrounding the place. In one shot we see a Congressional van pulled up beside Barb's battle van, and directly behind the Congressional van is a police car. But then there is a close-up shot of another police car pulling up behind the Congressional van. In the previous shot there was no space at all for another vehicle to pull up in.

Continuity mistake: When Axel climbs the crane the top is stationary but when he is on the top fighting the officer it is rotating when he climbs down it is stationary again.


Continuity mistake: When Barb descends down the grappling hook line, with the schoolgirl, in a wide view Barb's hair is blowing upward as they go down, yet in a sudden closeup her hair is straight and still.

Continuity mistake: The position of Barb's hair, as she sits in front of the mirror after her wet dancing show, changes.

Continuity mistake: When the bodyguards fight Barb Wire, one of them walks through the wall, holding two guns. Barb then slams the fridge door into him, and he drops one gun. Then, in the the next shot, he holds both guns again, then back to only one, which is then also knocked out from his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Barb arrives on her motorcycle after Axel has crashed the van, she takes off her helmet but before she does she lifts up the visor on it. But when she puts it back on, the visor is back down even though she didn't touch it.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie says "I talk to Spike, or I talk to nobody," his necklace changes position between shots.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, Barb's battle van has four rear wheels in some shots, but two in others.

Continuity mistake: When Barb leaves the table where Willis and the Directorates sit, we can see the table is covered with loads of glasses. But in the overhead shot when the waiters brings their meals, there aren't any glasses on the table.

Continuity mistake: When Barb goes to make the deal with Big Fatso she rides her bike in and leaves the bike facing inwards. After she gets back on to leave, she rides the bike straight out of the gate without needing to turn around.


Continuity mistake: When the forklift is first seen picking up Barb on her bike the forks on the forklift are standard length, but when the car is picked up they are longer. Underneath shots while in the air show extensions fitted to the forks.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie meets Axel outside the bar, Charlie gives Axel directions as Axel and Cora run, they are both wearing coats except for 1 shot as they run past a 4x4 when their coats vanish.

Continuity mistake: When Barb is trapped on her motorbike on the forklift while in the air, underneath shots show the car slipping off the forks, yet above shots show the car trapping Barb tight, repeated several times.


Continuity mistake: When it shows the Directorates recalling information from Schmitz's bodyguard, they are using a computer to record the information. Beside the computer on the desk, are two clipboards. On one of the clipboards there are a few items, which disappear in all shots from the other side of the room.

Continuity mistake: When the Directorates are recalling information out of one of Schmitz's men in the ice bath, the blue patch stuck on the man's head, to the left of his right eye, moves to above his eye in one shot, then back to the original place in the next.

Continuity mistake: The amount of Charlie's alcoholic beverage, as he sits at the the Hammerhead Bar, changes between shots, from after he talks to the stripper about what perfume she is wearing, to the end of the scene as he talks to Curly about how many drinks he has had.

Continuity mistake: After Barb discovers her brother's dead body we see her getting some weapons and ammo. In one shot she puts on an ammo belt but in the next shot she's wearing three ammo belts.

Continuity mistake: When Barb throws the grenade in the air it lands on Big Fatso's stomach just under a giant stain but in the next shot, a close-up of the grenade landing, the grenade lands just above the giant stain.

Continuity mistake: When Barb shows a license of prostitution while posing as a hooker, it says "Good Health as of: 1-07-19." The film takes place in 2017.

Continuity mistake: After finding Krebs, Barb handcuffs him, and he always remains cuffed. But after Barb shoots one bodyguard, and he falls out of the window, we see a shot of Krebs looking startled, and his hands are at either side of his legs - he is now uncuffed, although Barb never uncuffed him.

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Barb Wire: Did you wash your hands?
Ruben: No. I was bad.

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Trivia: In the scene where Kamil the dog attacks the drunken guy at the crotch, no protection was used in order to make the scene as real as possible, but the dog had been specially trained for weeks beforehand to bite the area, but to not clamp down or force itself down. In the first take of the scene, where Barb Wire makes Kamil sit down, the guy used timed it badly, and forgot to bend down as the dog did. As you can imagine, this was painful.

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