Continuity mistake: As Mike and Karen walk the aisle at Lillian's funeral, she links her arm with his. The camera cuts to a wider angle and they're not touching. (00:59:50)

Continuity mistake: When Alex is trying out the device for the first time car 6 is in front of him but that is the car he is supposed to be in - it's the car that Gordy drove when collecting the data. (00:20:45)


Continuity mistake: When Christopher Walken gives his wife a tape of his best memories, many of the shots are 3rd-person, of the two of them, and not 1st-person, from his perspective, like everyone else's recordings. (00:44:40)

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New this month Suggested correction: The device that records experience, esp. memory, is sometimes viewed in a non-logical way. This is because memories and emotions are not usually recalled exactly as they occurred. The brain is not a camera. There are complex mechanisms at work. I assume the filmmaker had this in mind.

Continuity mistake: As Alex is congratulating Mike and Lillian and saying the department heads need to be told, Lillian lights a cigarette. The camera switches to Alex, who says one sentence, then back to Lillian and the cigarette is almost gone. (00:22:00)


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