Woman of the Year

Visible crew/equipment: When Kate and Spencer go back to her apartment for the first time, you can see the shadow of the boom mike follow them along the top of the wall then stop.

Jack's Revenge

Visible crew/equipment: When Spencer walks out of his bedroom, you can see the shadow of the boom mike moving (along the top of the wall above the light switch). In the next shot, you still see the shadow of it, however it isn't moving anymore.

Jack's Revenge

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Ellen Whitcomb: Success is no fun unless you share it with someone.



When Spencer Tracy takes Katharine Hepburn to the baseball game (about 20 minutes into the film), several plays supposedly from that game are shown. Some of the plays take place on a diamond that has a well manicured dirt path from the pitchers mound to home plate, while others take place on a diamond with an all grass infield and no path.



This is the first film of nine that Spencer and Hepburn appeared together. They fell in love during the shooting of this film.