Rock 'n' Roll High School
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Joey Ramone: Things sure have changed since we got kicked out of high school.

Riff Randell: Tom Roberts is so boring his brother is an only child.

Miss Togar: Well, I think that should teach them a lesson in deportment.
Fritz Hansel: How do you spell that?
Miss Togar: D-e-portment.

Fritz Hansel: The gym.
Fritz Gretel: Girls.
Fritz Hansel: Music.
Fritz Gretel: Legs.
Fritz Hansel: Dancing.
Fritz Gretel: Boobs.
Fritz Hansel: Randell.
Fritz Gretel: Sex.
Mr. McGree: I think they're trying to tell us something.

Riff: Yeah, well, this is is Rock and Roll High School.
Joey Ramone: Rock and Roll High School?

Kate: I don't wanna have fun! I wanna be with Tom.

Riff: I'm Riff Randell, rock-and-roller.

Chemistry Teacher: Don't dance near the chemicals.

Usher: Oh, I'm sorry. We don't let any more mice in here. They've been exploding all over the place.

Angel Dust: I'm first in line! And if you don't like it, you can put it where the monkey puts the nuts.

Character mistake: When Tom is talking to Riff on the phone, he mentions that he is listening to the Ramones's latest album. However, the song playing as he says this is "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," which is from the Ramones's first album

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