Detective Santini is obsessed with Betty because years ago he was obsessed with her mother and she enjoyed watching Santini kill and torment other women. A few days after the performance and the fire at the opera house, the director of the opera (Marco) and Betty are staying at a house in the countryside. Marco watches a news report about Santini still on the loose and notices that his maid has been killed. Santini faked his death on the night of the performance by placing a dummy in the fire and escaped while Betty was still blindfolded. After watching the report, Marco tells Betty to run but Santini catches up to her. Marco fights with Santini and is killed. Betty notices two dogs running around and realizes that the police are near. She distracts Santini by saying "I am just like my mother. I enjoy what you do" and then hits him in the head with a rock. The police show up and arrest Santini. Betty shouts at him: "I'm nothing like my mother" as he's taken away. Betty feels relieved and happily lies down in the grass...

Racer X

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