The Spanish Prisoner

Corrected entry: When Joe first phones Pat McCune at the FBI he gives his date of birth as 10 Dec 1960. Later, at the police station, the report showing he has a Swiss bank account gives his DOB as 7 March 1962. (01:11:35)


Correction: Because the account was not set up by Campbell Scott but by Steve Martin to incriminate Scott, Martin probably gave the bank a wrong DOB to make Scott look more guilty.

Corrected entry: When Joe signs the club membership form it says "Club Membership Decree." Later when the police show him the form it says "Consulado De Venezuela" (00:43:10 - 01:14:45)

Correction: This is deliberate, as the "club membership" was just a ruse to get Joe to sign what he thought was an actual document, instead of the incriminating evidence as it really was.

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