The Spanish Prisoner

The Spanish Prisoner (1997)

Ending / spoiler

Joe discovers that a gun is in his bag (planted by Susan) and gets off the airport. She wants that he were stopped by the police.He tries to travel on a boat, but his fake passport indicates that he is going to Venezuela (that's why the movie title is "The Spanish Prisoner").At the boat,Susan is revealed as an associate of Jimmy and all the plain was conducted by Mrs. Klein, Joe's boss.Jimmy appears and tries to kill Joe. Joe talks to the japanise tourist, which is actually an officer. The japanise Girl, another police officer, shoots a tranquilizer on him.Jimmy and Susan are arrested. Susan asks Joe to do a good action to her, because he was a boyscout (this indicates that maybe she stole his boyscout knife and killed the other guy). Joe refuses and he is next to the boat. The movie ends.




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