Gigli (2003)

8 mistakes

Plot hole: When Bryan is shuffled in at "The Baywatch" as one of the dancing extras, wouldn't the director of the film notice that one of his beach dancers (Bryan) is actually dressed for cold weather rather than a day at the beach? He's wearing sweats and a hooded sweatshirt, and he stands out like a sore thumb with all those girls in bikinis around him.

Continuity mistake: When Ricki enters Gigli's place to use the phone, the coat on the couch changes positions between shots.


Continuity mistake: Gigli arrives to pick up Brian and a patient points where he is. A frame later the arm is lowered.


Continuity mistake: Gigli holds a flashlight as if it were a phone. The grip swaps between shots.


Continuity mistake: During the opening credits, Gigli's on the street and a man with a suit arrives from behind. When the angle changes he's farther away.


Continuity mistake: When Gigli meets Ricki, she is leaning on the door frame with her left or right hand depending on the shot.


Continuity mistake: When the cop comes to visit Gigli and Ricky at Gigli's apartment, he is seen with a coffee cup in his hand. In one shot he is holding it and then sets it down on a table. The next shot, he goes to pick it up. Then another shot and the coffee cup is no longer in his hand. It isn't on the table anymore either.

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first share the bed together, the digital clock on Jennifer's right side (viewer's left) first goes from 10:27 to 10:28 in two consecutive shots. However, in two more following shots during the same scene, the clock displays 10:27 once again, and then displays 10:28 again before the scene ends.