Swimming Pool

Corrected entry: When Sarah removes the cover from the swimming pool there are lots of leaves and other dirt in the water as if it hadn't been used or at least cleaned for quite a while. However, the water itself is absolutely crystal clear and without a trace of muck. This can be seen even better when Sarah watches Julie swimming the next day.

00:17:30 - 00:25:00


Correction: This happens to my pool every year. The water is crystal clear but the pool is filled with a floating layer of leaves...nothing strange about it if you keep your chlorine level correct.

Jason Hoffman

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Julie doesn't come home one night; the next day as she is getting out of the pool we see that she has been "roughed up" and has a black eye. Next to her eye there is a circular bruise/mark. That evening, as Julie and Sarah are at dinner the bruise is now under Julie's eye and is a different shape (longer and more oval in shape).



Near the end, the publisher tells Sarah Morton that he is disappointed in her latest book and asks her "Where's the plot twist?" Interestingly enough, the viewer is presented with a very big plot twist a short while later as the movie ends.