Private Benjamin

Factual error: When the unit is preparing for the Jump, they follow none of the correct procedure for a jump, but the most glaring mistake is that none of the Parachutes are equipped with a static line (the bright yellow nylon strap, that the parachutist hooks to a cable inside the plane to deploy his chute automatically.) Airborne infantry units always make static line jumps, so the line should have been visible on every chute.

Factual error: The Australian style "bush hat" worn by Capt. Lewis is only worn by a female drill Sgt. ie. Non-commissioned officers, never a commissioned officer (a.r 670-1).

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Judy Benjamin: My husband had a heart attack and died on our wedding night, while we were making love.
Pvt. Mary Lou Glass: Jesus! Benjamin! I don't get it, what do you do after a thing like that?
Judy Benjamin: Join the Army.



At the end of basic training, Judy's platoon goes to the bulletin board to see what their M.O.S. will be. This is not how the U.S. Army operates, you must pass a qualification test for the M.O.S. that you enlist for before you ever enlist. You know before you ever get to basic training what M.O.S. you will be training for, not on the last day of basic training.