American Wedding

Question: Jim and Michelle had been dating since the end of Jim's first year of college. Isn't it strange that in all that time he hadn't met Michelle's parents until the day of the engagement party? Jim and Michelle went to the same high school, so her parents must have lived reasonably close by.

Answer: As I remember, there was a scene where someone says, "Michelle's parents are flying in for the wedding."

Answer: They brought the dogs and said they had been cooped up in the cars for hours when Jim's parents asked how their trip was. So it would make sense they drove.

Question: Is this filmed at the Grand Traverse Resort?

Answer: The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is located near Traverse City, Michigan. The exterior shots of the wedding site were filmed at the oceanfront Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California. The wedding and reception interior shots were filmed at Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory in San Marino, California.

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Question: Hey, does anyone know why Oz didn't make it into this movie? I may have missed some spot in the plot which tells why but I dunno. Thanks.

Answer: They never mentioned it, I think they just wanted us to assume that since it has been a few years they just lost touch with each other. Alot of people are no longer friends with poeple after college that they where friends with when college started.


Answer: In-movie, there was a scene where Jim stated that he spoke to Oz in Spain, where he was with Heather, and he wouldn't be able to make the wedding. However, that scene did not make the final cut. Real-world answer; the producers and writers just didn't include the character (among several others from the first two that weren't in this one, including Vicky, Heather, Sherman, and Nadia, to name a few). There was a rumor going around the internet that it was a scheduling conflict, but Chris Klein clarified that he would have done it if asked.

Question: What was the original message on the cake before Stifler showed up and changed it to "Congratulations Jism"?

Answer: It said "Congratulations Jim", and he moved the "s" into "Jim", so it then actually said "Congratulaion Jism" (note, no "s" on the first word).

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Visible crew/equipment: Right before the wedding Michelle is talking to Jim's father about her vows. Behind them on a table there is a mirror and you can see the arm of a crew member reflected in it several times. (01:21:35)

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Stifler: Motherfucker.
Finch: [Grinning.] Yes I am.

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Trivia: At the rehearsal dinner, Eugene Levy winces when Fred Willard wishes the bride and groom "many happy shivas" together. A shiva is the traditional Jewish ritual of mourning the loss of an immediate family member.

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