Bad Eggs

Bad Eggs (2003)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the guy in a barrel was kicked down the stairs, you see the barrel go down one set of stairs, then go down a level above it, as if it had magically appeared up a flight.

Correction: Actually, what you see is TWO barrels, Mick Molloy in one and Bob Franklin in the other. It's not just one barrel going all the way down, rather two barrels sent down one after the other.

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Ted Pratt: Yep... I smell fuckwits.



When Ben is in the fish and chip shop and is calling Judith Lucy, when the camera pans by one of the chip heaters, a boom mic is visible bobbing around on the reflection of the glass at the top just below the silver bar.



In the DVD commentary, Tony Martin (director) reveals that all the behind-the-scenes crew had roles as extras in the movie. One dolly grip refused to be in it, but Tony got lucky, as that dolly grip was the one reflected in the security guard's windows during the computer scenes. Instead of digitally taking him out, he left it it thus justifying his rule.