How to Deal

How to Deal (2003)

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Corrected entry: In the video in the scene where Macon is in the radio studio talking over the mike to Halley (Mandy Moore), he accedentaly calls her Mandy.

Correction: He never calls her Mandy. I just got through watching that scene, and he calls her Halley every time.

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Lorna Queen: Well... look at you Halley.
Halley: That's hard to do without a mirror isn't it?
Lorna Queen: Honey you keep getting prettier every day.
Halley: I have no idea how you could say that because you definitely don't see me every day. And yesterday, oh my God I was so ugly. And last Wednesday, that sucked too, so it's kind of a day to day thing.



In the scene when Halley just left from her counselor's office, Macon was going to go after her but the counselor stopped him. Then he was doing something with his hands and he had a pen. In the next shot, he sort of taps the wall, and the pen is gone.