The Corridors of Time: The Visitors II

Audio problem: In the Middle-Age, when Godefroy and the wizard Eusaebius are talking about time travel and the 7 plagues of Egypt, there's two shots from behind Godefroy. He talks, but we hear nothing.

Dr Wilson

Audio problem: In the Middle-Age, when Jacqouille is stealing clothes in the tailor shop, the saleswoman says to Jean-Pierre, with the voice of Jacquouille "Qui es-tu, demoiselle?" (Who are you, miss?).

Dr Wilson

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When Jacquouille gets frightened by the television set, he throws a statue in it, making the TV set explode. The blankets placed over the couches as well as various objects are sucked into the set. In the next shot, the couch right in front of the TV is still covered by its blanket, which disappears in the following shot.



In Jean-Pierre's office, there's a poster written "Le cabinet de dentiste est un endroit sûr" (The dentist office is a safe place). Funny, with what is going on there.