The Polar Bear King

Revealing mistake: When the Polar Bear King comes to the Winterland castle for the second time the locals try to stop him. If you watch the encounter in slow motion you see that a) the bear's paws have the texture of a sturdy mat and b) the old guy who is being hit loses his balance in due anticipation. (00:23:20)


Revealing mistake: When the king's youngest daughter mounts the Polar Bear King the lack of effort reveals that she does this with the help of a cunningly placed stepladder. (00:25:35)


Revealing mistake: The crow that announces the happy news of his granddaughter's birth to the king of Winterland is doing most of its crowing without opening its beak. (00:38:30)


Revealing mistake: The king's youngest daughter is not supposed to see her beary husband's face while he is doing his midnightly human stints. Of course, she blows everything by watching her sleeping beau in candlelight and dropping wax on his forehead. Why is there so much light after the candle is blown out? (00:50:40)


Continuity mistake: On the way to the witch's castle the king's daughter falls into a river. She is totally drenched, but a moment later part of her hair is already dry again. (00:52:00)


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Princess: I must go with the bear.
King of the winterland: Damn that bear.

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