Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Corrected entry: This all takes place twenty years after the events of Escape from the Planet of the Apes. Toward the end, Zira's baby was named Milo, in Dr. Milo's memory. However, in this movie, he is twenty years old, and called Caesar.

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Correction: Armando was also trying to protect Milo and could not let anyone know he was the son of Zira and Cornelius. He simply changed his name to hide his true identity and he grew up with the name Caesar.


Corrected entry: Armando, while under questioning, claims that his chimp was born in captivity one month before Caesar's parents escaped. In the 3rd film, Armando makes it very clear that the chimp was born, and registered, 15 days prior to the escape.

Correction: Yeah, he was lying to throw them off the trail.

Corrected entry: When Caesar was hooked up to the shock table he was receiving a mild current of electrical shock. After he spoke it was ordered that he be electrocuted. Simultaneously McDonald found the power source for the table and turned it off. The operator set the machine to electrocute Caesar. He then turned the dial all the way up. An electrocuted body would give off a burning smell. Since he was not electrocuted, he would not have given off a burnt smell. Wouldn't the operator notice that he didn't have a burnt smell and therefore had not been electrocuted?


Correction: Unlikely, since the man was one of the guards and not the regular operator of the device, and since the device was not normally used for electrocution, he would not be familiar with the burning smell.

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Corrected entry: Caesar was a newly trained ape. What job could a newly trained ape do? Mopping, bed making, delivering things and washing things could be plausible. Caesar was given a job doing "light filing". To be able to file, an ape would have to know how to read and organize. The apes were not regarded as intelligent creatures that could read, so how in the world could an ape effectively file things away?


Correction: The files could be color-coded. In our tape library we have labels that each number and letter has a different color. It is possible that they have a similar system that the apes can understand.

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Woman: [Talking about cigarettes.] Funny, now that I know these things won't kill me, I don't enjoy them.



When McDonald is in the tunnels and is called to pick up the phone, he picks up a red phone. It is a standard Bell TouchTone desk phone. To make the phone look more futuristic, there was no cord and it was disguised as a cordless phone. The port that the cord would plug into is covered by a piece of colored tape. This also can be seen in the operations center of Ape Control when the worker picks up the phone.



In the area Caesar yells "Lousy human bastards!", the black uniforms of the Ape patrol look a lot like the Nazi SS uniforms.