Frida (2002)

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Factual error: Frida is shown watching King Kong when she goes to New York. It is well known that the movie was made in 1933, but later we see on her mother's grave that the year is 1932.

Factual error: There is a reference to Happy Rockefeller in 1933 by Alfred Molina. She became Nelson Rockefeller's wife in the 1960s and was unknown at the time.

Audio problem: After Frida comes back to New York City from visiting her mother, she greets Diego. In the far shot her lips don't move at all.


Revealing mistake: In the opening scene right after she's put in the truck, she is lying on the bed looking in a mirror above her and her earrings are hanging parallel to the ground as though she was standing. (00:02:12)

Frida Kahlo: They say never trust a limping dog or the tears of a woman.

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Trivia: Many of Frida's paintings are in the movie in an artistic way. The end up looking like real life in a doorway or a window. This is so that they look framed. One example is a painting of Frida sitting with her cut hair and scissors.

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Question: What were the Spanish lyrics to the song Frida was singing in the bar just before she started the brawl, and is that the literal translation that is on the subtitles? I know what the movie says the translation is, but I can't get the words the same when I try to translate back into Spanish.

Answer: The Song Frida is singing is one of Diego┬┤s most favourite songs, La Bruja (On the soundtrack performed by Lila Downs). (german page, but spanish lyrics).

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