Life Size

Life Size (1974)

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Corrected entry: When Casey is in the store asking what the Certificate of Authenticity meant, the salesclerk mentioned that they all have their own unique code, but the doll she shows Casey inside the store has the same number code as Eve.

Correction: It's not unlikely that the doll is the same one that was bought for Casey's birthday.

Corrected entry: After nearly being hit by a truck, Casey faints in the street and is taken home. Most fainting spells that aren't serious, like hers, last only about two minutes. How would Casey's father, Ben, have time to carry her home and set her up on the couch, if she was unconscious the whole time?

Correction: Actually there is no real time for fainting spells. It depends on why the person fainted, and we don't really know what really did cause Casey to faint, it depends on if Casey possibly hit her head on the ground when she fall, which we also don't know if that happened. So there is really no length of time.

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