Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, the explosion in the Holland Tunnel is caused when a car crashes into the trucks carrying toxic waste barrels. In real life, it is against the law for vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals to use any of the tunnels. Even if the drivers didn't know this, which is highly unlikely, they would have been pulled over by the Port Authority cops as soon as they headed for the entrance - lots of yellow barrels would be a bit suspicious.

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Factual error: During the initial car chase scene, the speedometer of the stolen car is shown a couple of times. You can see that the speedometer is in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. This is because most of the movie was actually filmed at a studio in Rome, Italy, so the cars they used were built with European specs.

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Suggested correction: In-universe, the car (and the driver from whom it was hijacked from) could have been from Canada, which isn't all that far away from NY, and thus would seem to be totally feasible considering that they too use km/h as the primary units on the speedometers on cars sold there.

Factual error: Even if the survivors were in their vehicles, a raging inferno like that would seriously damage their skin. Even if a vehicle can protect you from being set on fire, I think the chances of being skin burned and blistered are especially high. First of all, the prison bus had those open diamond holes on the side of the bus. Also, I believe someone's car window was open, so they should have been set on fire.

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