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Joshua: The whole bet is on Atilla.
Lyon: Wrong bet.

Lyon: Sometimes life is... is... ugly. And stupid. And mean.

Lyon: Cynthia, I'm not your toy.

Joshua: The guy's wearing a damn skirt.
Lyon: He's from Scotland.
Joshua: Scotland? Scotland's shit. Kick his Scotland ass. Pull off his damn skirt, I'd like to see if he's got any drawers on.

Joshua: My man just kick five asses, do you want yours to be the sixth?

Joshua: Don't ever lose your heart Lionheart, 'cause you'll never get it back.

Continuity mistake: Near the middle. In the fight scene between Van Damme and the Scotsman, Van Damme gets poked in the left eye. He then gets thrown onto a parked car. As he gets up he is now grabbing his right eye instead of the left one that just got poked.


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